Tanay Mehta
March 2023


Tanay is a Data Science Graduate Student at the University of Bath. He is also a Kaggle Grandmaster in Notebooks. Previously he has worked at NVIDIA as an Applied Research Intern in Machine Learning.
He is interested in ML Explainability, having a special interest in Transformer-based models. In his free time, he likes to contribute to Open Source Machine Learning projects.

1. About Me

Mountain landscape
I may look like that but I can assure you, I don't bite.

Tanay is recent Computer Science Graduate from India. He is a self-taught programmer and taught himself Machine learning from Andrew NG's excellent courses on Coursera.

In summer of 2020, amid the COVID lockdown in India, he started using Kaggle to enhance his skills and be more competitive in Data Science and Machine Learning. Currently, he is a Notebooks Grandmaster, Competitions Expert and Datasets Expert and he ranks among the top-100 in Notebooks category on Kaggle.

Tanay has worked at NVIDIA India as an Applied Research Intern in Machine Learning, working on the NVIDIA's RAPIDS stack. He has also recorded Instructional videos at NVIDIA on RAPIDS, PyTorch and Tensorflow for Internal training.

2. Education

I am currently an Incoming Masters Student (majoring in Data Science) at University of Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom.

Below is the list of formal degrees I have attended / currently attending / will be attending in the near future.

2.1 MSc in Data Science at University of Bath (UofBath)

University of Bath

Major: Data Science

Minor: N/A

Status: Ongoing, 2023-2024 (expected)

Final Grade: N/A

About: The University of Bath is a public research university in Bath, England. It received its royal charter in 1966, along with a number of other institutions following the Robbins Report. Like the University of Bristol and University of the West of England, Bath can trace its roots to the Merchant Venturers' Technical College, established in Bristol as a school in 1595 by the Society of Merchant Venturers. The university's main campus is located on Claverton Down, a site overlooking the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bath, and was purpose-built, constructed from 1964 in the modernist style of the time.

2.2 BTech in Computer Science at JECRC University

JU Logo

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics & Engineering

Status: Completed, 2018-2022

Final Grade: 8.76 / 10.0 (87.6%), First Division

About: JECRC University has its campus in Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan and the famous tourist and business city in north-western India. The 32-acre JU campus combines unique classical architecture and thoughtful layout and landscaping to create a perfect learning ecosystem. The campus is located around the prime industrial and institutional hub of Jaipur and is well connected with all parts of the city. JECRC University is driven by the spirit of innovation-led research.

3. Experience

Below you can see all the places I have worked / interned at.

3.1 Graduate Teaching Assistant (NLP) - University of Bath

Type: Part-time

Duration: September 2023 - December 2023 (Winter Semester)


3.2 Machine Learning Engineer - Datatailr

Type: Full-time

Duration: April 2023 - September 2023 (6 months)


3.3 Machine Learning Engineer - MetaDialog

Type: Full-time

Duration: September 2022 - March 2023 (6 months)


3.4 Applied Research Intern - NVIDIA

Type: Internship

Duration: June 2021 - September 2021 (3 months)


3.5 Dev Expert - Weights and Biases (W&B.ai)

Type: Part-time

Duration: June 2021 - September 2022 (1 year, 3 months)


4. Open Source Contributions

Below is a tabulated list of all my Open Source contributions, including the Pull Requests that are still open

Pull Request Organization Status
Add Fill-in-the-middle training objective example - PyTorch #27464 huggingface/transformers 🤗 WIP
Add Auto Device Map option for BERT Models #26176 huggingface/transformers 🤗 WIP
Add Number Normalisation for SpeechT5 #25447 huggingface/transformers 🤗 Merged
Add PoolFormer #15531 huggingface/transformers 🤗 Merged
Fix Mega chunking error when using decoder-only model #25765 huggingface/transformers 🤗 Merged
Fix MarianTokenizer to remove metaspace character in decode #26091 huggingface/transformers 🤗 Merged
Added Model specific output classes to PoolFormer docs #15746 huggingface/transformers 🤗 Merged
Add LLM Pre-training example #73 lancedb/vectordb-recipes Merged
Add Hinge Loss #409 deepmind/optax Merged
Use monkeypatch.chdir instead of os.chdir in tests #15579 Lightning-AI/lightning ⚡️ Merged

5. Talks / Workshops

Below is the collection of the places I have given a talk / workshop at. It is to be noted that these are all the videos "openly" available / organized either exlusively online or in hybrid mode.

5.1 Best Practices and Memory Efficient Coding in PyTorch

Date: 14th August 2021

5.2 Conversation with Kaggle Notebooks Master Tanay

Date: 13th December 2021

5.3 Hey Kaggle | A Talk on the home of Data Science and Machine Learning

Date: 27th September 2022

5.4 Community Conversation : Exploring ML - Global Hack Week - MLH

Date: 12th February 2023

6. Contact Me

I am always up for research and industry collaborations so If you like my work and think we collaborate on something cool, reach out to me via heyytanay@gmail.com or message me on Twitter @serious_mehta.
You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, see my projects on Github, see my work on Kaggle or read my blogs on my blog.